Richard Nichols

Richard, also known as Pugs Addams, is the president and founder of Huts for Hope. He was born in the Northwest United States. During his younger years, he spent a period of time homeless, with his mother. He now dedicates his life, building portable homeless shelters and helping the homeless.

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PO Box 1406
Long Beach, WA 98631


General Inquiries

Mike Rodda
Vice President

Mike Rodda is the vice president of Huts For Hope. He was born in Wyoming and spent a period of time, in his younger years, very close to homelessness. He is physically disabled, but still does anything he can to help build Huts and help those in need.

Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker, the Secretary of Huts for Hope. Born in the Northwest, he spent some time in his late teens, homeless, living in the dunes, under the boardwalk. He has picked himself up and has dedicated his time, blood, sweat and tears, to building portable homeless shelters.