Three months pregnant, with no where to go. She has been sleeping in a tent, on the ground. She can not afford housing, and is unable to get into a shelter because they are overcrowded. We may not be able to offer her a home, but at least we can give her and her baby a fighting chance at surviving the winter.


She served in the military and suffers from PTSD. She has been on the streets for years and up until a month ago, She had been sleeping in a moldy, leaky tarp on the side of the road. We brought her a hut to help give her a fighting chance at making it through the winter. Today was moving day for Renee. Our friends at the Abbey took her in and let her park her hut in their fenced in yard, away from the predators that prey on homeless women and maniacs who are so anti homeless. They purposefully drive through tent camps with the intention of running them down. (I mention this because this really happened
a couple weeks ago. It's sickening). 

robert and goldie


This is Robert and Goldie. He was the second person to receive a hut. 15 years ago, He was fishing when some "teens" came up behind him and hit him in the head with a rock. They beat him and tossed him in the river. He washed up on shore and was revived, but he had been without oxygen for a while. He moved to the coast to live with his mother. Shortly after that, she died, leaving him with no place to go. He's been on the streets for 15 years. His dog Goldie is his only companion.


50 years old, an orphan with no family. Disabled, and has been homeless for 10 years after serving our country. To say our thanks, we have given him a safe and dry place to sleep.