We are Huts for Hope.
We have been building portable shelters for the homeless since 2014.

Our Mission

Since our inception in November of 2014, Huts for Hope has built 16 shelters and helped over 20 people on their path toward recovery. Our mission is to give a safe space to people who desperately need it but don’t have access. After many success stories reinforcing commitment to our mission, Huts for Hope has sparked action in people from all around the world inspiring them to donate, volunteer, and join us in our fight against homelessness.

Every day, thousands suffer from physical abuse, the elements, infections from unclean surroundings. These physical hurdles keep someone from a complete recovery to normalcy. There are currently over 650,000 homeless people in the United States, and that number is growing every day. Portland alone has nearly 16,000 people living without a home, and one quarter of those people are left without shelter completely.

Homelessness is a massive and multi-faceted issue. There is no single solution, so we view Huts for Hope as just one of many paths forward. Most cities already have avenues for homeless people to receive food and clothes, but shelter is always the most scarce resource. Especially in the Pacific Northwest where living space is hard to come by and the elements pose more of a threat, shelter is a vital component that is often missing. Huts for Hope set out to address this absence because shelter is often the key element holding someone back from a full recovery.

I don’t want to sleep on the sidewalk anymore, it’s cold.
— Raven, Vancouver WA

We have helped

  • 3 vets
  • A family of 4
  • 6 elderly
  • and 3 chronically homeless 

We want to help even more, but we need your support. Join us in our effort give people a safe place to sleep.